Have you ever wondered what causes a dog to return to its own vomit?  It’s quite disturbing.  What in the world would make any creature return to the very thing that moments early made them sick to their stomach. In Proverbs 26:11 it says, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.”

As humans, we often act just like the dogs, returning to the very things that make us sick.  And this isn’t just reserved for a few of us who deal with addiction.  We all deal with addiction.  If we are honest, we will all find sins that we habitually return to that over time seem to own us.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new eBook.  I’ve spent the past couple months editing, designing, and putting together: Addiction: Leave Your Vomit Behind so I could give it away on the blog for free.  This is the second eBook I’ve made, the first one has nearly hit the 1,000 download mark!

Update: This eBook is no longer available for free but can be found on Amazon for the low price of $2.99. 

Here’s what some readers have been saying about the book so far:

"Love this book on a topic that we don't know enough about in the Church today. The subject matter connects through Scripture and effectiveness. This would be a great help to any ministry."-Paul Spurlin, AdventuresInMinistry.com

"This concise, powerful book pounds home the fact that addicts of all kinds are imprisoned as slaves with our only hope being a Divine Rescuer. An incredible, practical treatise on how true freedom can be found!" - Nobel Macaden

"This book is a powerful example for the follower of Christ, that addiction does not have the last word. There is freedom and hope to be had at the foot of the Cross. Where there was addiction, guilt, and shame, there is now worship of God, love, and forgiveness. This is a must-read for every single follower of Christ." - Ben Marshall, Director of Youth and College at Calvary Baptist Church, Holland, MI

How to get your copy

Addiction: Leave Your Vomit Behind is available on Kindle version of the book available if you prefer that format for only $2.99.